40 Years Old, The Education Of My Young Neighbor - Marc Dorcel

March 20, 2019

Luna is only 18 and is completely in love with her boyfriend, Ben. But in all things sexual, she still has so much to learn, and this lack of experience makes her feel insecure. That all changes when she meets her new neighbor India, a beautiful mature woman with many lovers and tons of self-confidence... After chancing upon her neighbor in the garden jacuzzi with a lover, the two women become closer and India, who is old enough to be Luna's mother, decides to teach Luna about the art of seduction and sex.


120 minutes


Aysha, Alberto Blanco, India Summer, Sam Bourne, Marcus London, Amber Jayne, Ania Kinski, Max Deeds, Ricky Mancini, and Lovita Fate



Softcore Production Stills

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Scene 1
High res images available upon request
Performers: Aysha, Alberto Blanco
Scene 2
Performers: India Summer, Sam Bourne
Scene 3
Performers: India Summer, Marcus London
Scene 4
Performers: Aysha
Scene 5
Performers: Amber Jayne, Ania Kinski, Max Deeds
Scene 6
Performers: Aysha, India Summer, Alberto Blanco, Ricky Mancini
Scene 7
Performers: Aysha, Lovita Fate, Alberto Blanco