41 Years Old, The Cheating Spouse - Marc Dorcel

August 2, 2017

Zara, a young and pretty housewife has been married to Pascal, a rich London banker for the past ten years. They got married only three months after they first met and their love hasn't faded away since… or so it seems. Like many couples, although they try to hide it, routine has settled in and they each need to experience new sensations. Two months ago, Zara fell for her son's teacher. He comes to see her as often as he can, mostly during his lunch breaks. Their passion is so intense that they have to make love at least twice before he leaves as if nothing happened.


115 minutes


Ryan Ryder, Zara Durose, Pascal White, Rico Simmons, Misha Cross, Ania Kinski, Tamara Grace, Adrian Dimas, Billy King, and Luke Hardy



Softcore Production Stills

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Scene 1
High res images available upon request
Performers: Ryan Ryder, Zara Durose
Scene 2
Performers: Pascal White, Zara Durose
Scene 3
Performers: Rico Simmons, Misha Cross, Ania Kinski
Scene 4
Performers: Tamara Grace, Adrian Dimas
Scene 5
Performers: Pascal White, Ania Kinski
Scene 6
Performers: Billy King, Luke Hardy, Zara Durose
Scene 7
Performers: Pascal White, Zara Durose