June 19, 2002

Alex (Devinn Lane) is stuck in a town, which has brought her nothing but heartbreak in the love department. And to make things worse, her job is uneventful and unfulfilling. And even more disappointing, is the fact that her current relationship is lacking that excitement and raw passion that it once made her feel. Enter Dallas (Evan Stone) a convict on the run, who walks into Alexs life and overnight changes everything for her, but not for the better. Dallas convinces Alex to be his partner in crime and she does so willingly for the shear fact that Dallas is unlike anyone Alex has ever been with beforehe is dangerous, bold and the adrenaline rush that she gets when she is with him to her makes all the danger worthwhile. What Alex soon realizes though, is that choices have consequences that arent always what you expect. Sometimes on the quest for happiness, you get more than you bargain for.


Michael Raven


101 minutes


April, Devinn Lane, Venus, Sydnee Steele, Holly Halston, Evan Stone, Steven St. Croix, Stephen St. Croix, and Troy Halston.

Film Features

5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, All Access: The Making Of, Bloopers, Director's Commentary, Interviews, Photo Gallery, Star Galleries, and Trailer.


    Best Screenplay (Video) (AVN)
    Best Supporting Actress Video (AVN)
    Best Actress Video (AVN)
    Best Director – Video (AVN)

Softcore Production Stills

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Scene 1

Performers: April, Devinn Lane, April, Devinn Lane

Scene 2

Performers: Sydnee Steele, Steven St. Croix, Stephen St. Croix, Sydnee Steele, Steven St. Croix, Stephen St. Croix

Scene 3

Performers: Holly Halston, Troy Halston, Holly Halston, Troy Halston

Scene 4

Performers: April, Steven St. Croix, Stephen St. Croix, April, Steven St. Croix, Stephen St. Croix

Scene 5

Performers: Devinn Lane, Venus, Evan Stone, Devinn Lane, Venus, Evan Stone