Dorcel Airlines Sexual Stopovers - Marc Dorcel

May 1, 2019

Perched on their high heels and dressed in their sexy skin?tight uniforms and delicate lingerie, stewardesses make many travelers heads spin…and Dorcel Airlines is no exception ? quite the opposite, in fact! Once you’ve seen this movie, you'll never see your airline stewardesses the same way again!


125 minutes


Clea Gaultier, Ricky Mancini, Rhiannon Ryder, Luke Hardy, Lucy Heart, Sam Bourne, Rico Simmons, Alberto Blanco, Nesty, and Max Deeds



Softcore Production Stills

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Scene 1
High res images available upon request
Performers: Clea Gaultier, Ricky Mancini
Scene 2
Performers: Rhiannon Ryder, Luke Hardy
Scene 3
Performers: Lucy Heart, Sam Bourne
Scene 4
Performers: Clea Gaultier, Rico Simmons, Alberto Blanco
Scene 5
Performers: Nesty, Lucy Heart, Max Deeds