Ella, The Sex Addict - Marc Dorcel

December 6, 2017

Ella is a true sex maniac. Thanks to her position as an accountant in one of the big companies in London, she manages to show herself as a strict, rigid and flawless woman. Between her charts and sales figures, her private and business lives follow a very strict pattern. But two nights per week, her sexual impulses take over and reveals a whole different character. Not being able to restrain her desires, Ella turns into a huntress…


115 minutes


Dorian Del Isla, Cara Saint Germain, Lucia Love, Ella Hughes, Emilio Ardana, Freddy Flavas, and Erik Everhard.



Softcore Production Stills

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Scene 1

Performers: Ella Hughes, Freddy Flavas

Scene 2

Performers: Ella Hughes, Erik Everhard

Scene 3

Performers: Cara Saint Germain, Lucia Love, Emilio Ardana

Scene 4

Performers: Cara Saint Germain, Ella Hughes, Dorian Del Isla

Scene 5

Performers: Ella Hughes, Dorian Del Isla, Erik Everhard, Emilio Ardana

Scene 6

Scene 7