Girls and Their Boys #35 - Abby Winters

July 5, 2018

Scene 1: Approaching Madelaine from behind in the kitchen, her boyfriend James gently kisses her neck and caresses her small breasts as she rubs her bum against him sensually. Turning around, Madelaine sits on the kitchen countertop and opens her legs exposing her immaculate shaved vulva, letting James lick her devotedly. Moving to the bed, Madelaine gabs James' penis firmly and letting her saliva drip out of her mouth begins to give him a passionate oral. Grabbing his dick with one hand, Madelaine rubs it against her wet vulva, up and down, before pushing it inside her, as she holds her breath while it goes deep in. Scene 2: Standing completely naked, Alba puts her hairy bush on top of his face while she leans forward and grabs his dick firmly, lucking it from top to bottom and suctioning his balls passionately. Still holding his erect penis, Alba points it to her dripping wet vulva and rides him before giving up the initiative while she continues to moan until they both reach a powerful climax.


108 minutes


Madelaine, James, Alba, and Ruben