Lustful Girls

September 30, 2011

Playful and sexually unstoppable Masie goes over and under the clothes which hide Hayden’s slim, toned and beautifully natural body before pulling them off to reveal Hayden to all; Hayden then tickles, spanks and moves around Masie's small pert body, stimulating her with every touch. In the next scene we have two hot chicks with great sexual spirit. Masie is a cute, sexy girl with long, blond hair and gorgeous smile. Dahlia is a Lithuanian beauty with red hair and bib, blue eyes. We see them wearing a onesie and nothing else underneath. If you ever thought that onesie can be unsexy then you are wrong and you have to see this video, and it will change your mind. It was my second video and it was really difficult to control my sexual emotion. They had orgasms everywhere in the house. The girls took a video camera and shot their first POV. Don’t forget to see “before video” in which girls ask me to show my boobs. Watch and see if I answer their provocative request!


95 minutes


Dahlia, Hayden, and Masie.



Film Features

All Girl.

Softcore Production Stills

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Performers: Dahlia, Hayden, Masie