Private Moments 114 - Abby Winters

May 30, 2018

Scene 1: "I am getting hard nipples.” Luciana touches her hairy pussy softly while checking out Alessia. "I love watching girls masturbating.” Alessia gets her finger wet and moves it in between her meaty lips. Aroused by each other, the girls masturbate to orgasm. Scene 2: Dominika and Dion do yoga together at studio and they both wear tiny shorts that rides up in between their round ass cheeks“I like to use sex toys a lot when I am masturbating.” Dominika licks her finger and traces it over her hairy pussy. The girls start rubbing their pussies as they check each other out and then masturbate to orgasm. Scene 3: Short haired Anais is lies in her bed wearing panties before her hands get into her underwear to play with her pubic hair. Inserts her fingers into her hairy pussy as she turns onto her stomach and masturbates to orgasm. Scene 4: Willa helps Amanda get out of her grey dress. "I love your large breasts!” Willa pulls her top of down and squeezes her big tits. “I feel like my pussy is already wet" Amanda takes her knickers off and inserts her finger into her hairy pussy. Slowly playing with their clits, they masturbate to orgasm. Scene 5: "I have never touched that big a boob in a long time.” Redhead Cornelia plays with Ilse's large breasts. Getting aroused, the girls put their hands into their knickers and rub themselves. Cornelia inserts a finger into her hairy pussy ad Ilse turns on her sex toy and masturbates to orgasm. Scene 6: Luciana spreads her legs in her chair, her yellow panties flashing upskirt. Rubbing her clit with her brush, she gets her hairy pussy wet before she licks her fingers and starts fingers herself to orgasm.


98 minutes


Alessia, Luciana, Dion D., Dominika, Anais V., Amanda B., Willa, Cornelia, and Ilse



Film Features

All Girl.