Private Moments 119 - Abby Winters

October 17, 2018

Scene 1: Sitting in the shower with her underwear on, redhead Zane teases herself with gentle touches. Taking her bra off, she squeezes her perfect breasts. Turning the water off, she rubs her perfectly shaved pussy and fingers herself. Scene 2: Arina takes Marina's shirt down and touches her small breasts. “Your nipples are very pink.” Arina takes her clothes off and shows Marina her tan lines. “Your skin is very soft.”, she says while they begin to masturbate. Scene 3: Taking her purple undies off, Marina moves her hands towards her hairy pussy. Gently rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples softly. Scene 4: Yessica wears only her knickers and t-shirt while sleeping, Slowly waking up she begins to caress her body while her hands slide inside her panties. Scene 5: "Its so hot outside" says Daniela, sitting in the bathtub with Yessica as they start painting each other’s bodies before masturbating. Scene 6: Taking her clothes off and moving her hands over her hairy pussy, Sonya grabs her dildo and licks it to lubricate int. Slowly inserting into her pussy, she rubs her clit at the same time to reach a powerful orgasm.


108 minutes


Zane, Arina, Marina T., Yessica, Daniela D., and Sonya