Private Moments 120 - Abby Winters

February 20, 2019

Scene 1: "I do not want to show more because my nipples are really turned on" says Kayla, taking her shirt off and showing it to curvy Lucie. "I love your bra" says Lucie. Scene 2: Olga lays on her bed, pulling her shirt up and teasing her brown nipples. Taking her shirt off and sliding her undies aside to reach her hairy pussy. Olga licks her finger and inserts it into her pussy. She grabs her small tits and masturbates to orgasm. Scene 3: Aussie Sarah takes her shirt off and grabs her pert breasts then squeezes them to each other. Moving her hands down towards her hairy pussy she rubs her clit. Scene 4: Taking their tops off to show each other their boobs. "I have a lot pf pubes that's why I wear man boxers now" says Sarah. Sarah plays with her clit then they both masturbate to orgasm. Scene 5: Slender Aussie Lucy sits on sofa and chats with curvy Layla, Lucy's underwear flashes from underneath her skirt. She moves her knickers to the side and shows Layla her pubic hair, "I am not shaving very often.


111 minutes


Ashley D., Kayla J, Layla K., Lucie L., Lucy A., Olga V., Sarah Q, and Zara