For Immediate Release | Joanna Angel is a "Bad Principal" for Burning Angel Entertainment

Los Angeles, Calif. - (September 26, 2012) - Joanna Angel may be an acclaimed writer, director and performer, but she's a terrible school principal. She’s decided to cut her campus’ budget just to satisfy her twisted sexual needs. Soon, the darkened hallways have no electricity, the football team is practicing for the big game in the art class, and Joanna is seducing the mild-mannered music teacher in a tight skirt and panties! It’s just another day of higher learning in Bad Principal, the latest feature DVD release from Burning Angel Entertainment, now available in stores exclusively from distributor Vouyer Media. As this witty erotic comedy unfolds, it soon becomes apparent that Principal Angel is more interested in anal sex than scholarship! From her intense couples session with Mark Wood to fiery performances from Jessie Lee and Phoenix Askani, Bad Principal delivers over two and a half hours of hot hardcore fun, all photographed in 16x9 HD. But Ms. Angel's latest release has much more going for it than a superb cast and pristine photography. The film’s giddy tone is set by the constant pressure of tongues against cheeks, because Joanna's humor is the kind that makes you feel funny rather than just making you laugh, and you’ll find it everywhere – in the sultry performances, in the snappy dialogue, and in the well-choreographed sex scenes. As both star and director, Ms. Angel was only too happy to push her sexy sense of humor to the forefront. “This was such a fun movie to make! It's hilarious from start to finish. Between Tommy Pistol and Brian Street Team getting into a brawl, Jessie Lee giving a handjob during class, and me 'murdering' Mark Wood's character, this whole movie is hilarious, with a lot of hot sex between the comic scenes. I liked playing a mean bitch in charge! It's a role I had lots of fun with, and I think that really comes across.” Will the Burning Angel campus ever recover from Joanna's evil reign, or will her students simply emulate her erotic shenanigans? Find out in Bad Principal, a look at youth gone wild distinguished by hot women, a hilarious script and brilliant execution. ###