Media Alert | Emerging Sexual Wellness Authority jessica drake & James Deen Protest Measure B in Satirical New Video

LOS ANGELES, CA - (OCTOBER 19, 2012) - The proponents are calling it “direct democracy,” the opponents are calling it “vigilante democracy,” but regardless of one’s political compass, it all equates to the vibrant process of American democracy. And Los Angeles County, California residents will get to exercise their rights as citizens of this great Republic when they vote on over thirty ballot measures this November. But few of these proposed measures have attracted as much attention as Measure B, (subtitled the Los Angeles Porn Actors Required to Wear Condoms Act.) The controversial measure is viewed by many both within and outside the adult entertainment industry as an attempt to both legislate morality and sanction prohibitive government expansion, with the Los Angeles Times editorial board observing just yesterday, "Measure B is well intentioned, but it is likely to stymie county government and bring little benefit to performers." This morning, Wicked Pictures contract star and emerging sexual wellness authority jessica drake and adult actor and crossover performer James Deen joined the conversation with a satirical new viral video that protests the proposed measure. Measure B legislates not only condom use by performers, but extends the mandate to include such additional protective devices as dental dams for performers and gloves for crew members, and the duo's witty and accomplished new Public Service Announcement takes these edicts to the next level, with Ms. drake even donning decidedly unsexy headgear before beginning a proposed scene with Mr. Dean, while crew members stand about in hazmat gear. The video, which has already gone viral since appearing online this morning, is currently the focus of a major piece on the Huffington Post ( The article can be viewed here Speaking as both an adult performer and sexual wellness educator, Ms. drake notes in reporter David Moye's article that while the video’s use of hazmat gear and other props may be satirical, "we're not mocking safe sex.” She acknowledges the use of humor while also pointing out that “we want to show that things will definitely change.” California voters are encouraged to enter the debate and acquire more knowledge about this issue by contacting The Free Speech Coalition is the non profit trade association for the adult entertainment industry. Twitter users are invited to follow the industry’s latest responses to the proposed measure in real time by visiting:!/search?q=%23MeasureB. To read AVN’s coverage of the video please visit