MEDIA ALERT | Wicked's jessica drake And Alektra Blue Are Featured In A Bestselling Look At Lady Gaga's Ascension To Fame

!"> LOS ANGELES, CA - (JUNE 14, 2011 ROADS TO MOSCOW PR ) - The nation was thrilled last year when Grammy winners Lady Gaga and Beyonce teamed up to create an epic nine minute music video for their hit single "Telephone." And the excitement rose even higher when the E! News Channel world premiere of the video revealed that the two pop superstars weren't the only femme fatales stepping before the cameras. Looking fabulously lean and mean, Wicked Girls jessica drake and Alektra Blue made potent, attention-grabbing guest appearances in the "Prison For Bitches" segment that opened the show. Their involvement in this project is now chronicled in detail in Pulitzer Prize nominated author Maureen Callahan's Poker Face: The Rise And Rise of Lady Gaga. The first in-depth look at this extraordinary performer's life and work, Callahan's candid bestseller is now available in hardback from Hyperion. As the book reveals, Telephone debuted Thursday night, March 11th 2010, and was directed by acclaimed feature filmmaker Jonas Ackerlund (Spun). Playing more like a short independent film than a music video, with funky 1970s "Grindhouse" inspired credits introducing the cast, the mini-movie's opening sequence found Gaga portraying a garishly dressed prison inmate who's taunted by punked-out prisoners jessica and Alektra as she's led through a grimy cell-block. In the tense prelude's climax, Ms. drake literally licks the bars of her cell while Alektra gazes seductively into the camera. Poker Face: The Rise And Rise Of Lady Gaga covers every aspect of the video's production, and includes observations on the shoot from both Wicked Girls, with jessica confiding that the singer was "a commanding presence, without being demanding or diva-like." It's an opinion shared by Ms. Blue, who adds that the video was "Gaga's vision, pretty much. She basically co-directed it. She makes her own rules; she's very fierce!" Ultimately, jessica couldn't have been more pleased to work on the video or the book. "When I walked into Borders recently and was greeted by a wall displaying Poker Face: The Rise And Rise Of Lady Gaga, I grabbed one immediately. It was an honor to be interviewed about the most popular topic in entertainment these days, and even more exciting was the fact that I had such an incredible experience to talk about. To see my name in print along with Alektra, talking about our part in Telephone, gave me chills. The whole book is a great insight into one of my favorite performers ever." For Alektra, the book is a forceful reminder of how much she enjoyed working on the shoot. "I loved being a part of history. It was truly the opportunity of a lifetime!" And it's an opportunity that fans can read about in detail in Callahan's fascinating book. As the author told Steven Avalos of, "Anyone who loves her and is obsessed with her can pick up the book and learn things that they didn't know!" To learn more about Poker Face: The Rise And Rise Of Lady Gaga, please visit To watch Telephone in its entirety on Lady Gaga's official YouTube page, please visit For more information about the Wicked Girls visit and A Roads To Moscow PR Communiqué. ###